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Simple Ways You Can Clean the Grout on a Tile Floor

clean grout

Grout is one of the quickest things to get dirty and the hardest to clean. Even a good, thorough mopping leaves grout looking grimy. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Keeping floors clean can seem like a never-ending battle, and grout can be the worst of it. Cleaning grout takes a little extra effort and some special solutions, but it can be done. Below are four mixtures you can use to clean grout and have your tile floor looking spic and span.

Vinegar and Water

A solution of plain vinegar and water can also work as a grout cleaner. This will not be quite as strong a solution as some of the others on this list, so you may want to use this if your grout just needs a touch-up.

Mix up a solution of equal parts vinegar and water and spray it on your grout. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, and then scrub the grout with a toothbrush. Once you’ve scrubbed all the grout, mop your floor.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

One of the easiest solutions to clean grout with is made with two ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen – baking soda and vinegar. You’ll want to make a thick paste out of these two, so use three parts baking soda to one part vinegar. A quick note: If your tile is natural stone, you won’t want to use this cleaning solution.

Spread the paste onto your grout with your finger; you may want to wear gloves to prevent irritation. Spray a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water over the paste and watch it start bubbling up. Once the bubbling has stopped, scrub the grout with a toothbrush, paying special attention to corners, and then mop your floor.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide form one of the most powerful grout cleaners. And if you’re looking for a natural solution, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, meaning you won’t risk having any potentially harmful chemicals in your home. You’ll want to test this solution on an inconspicuous area of your grout before you start cleaning the whole floor.

Mix a half cup of baking soda, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, and a teaspoon of dish soap together and spoon it onto the grout. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, and then scrub it with a toothbrush. Make sure to mop your floor afterward to remove any damaging residue.

Oxygenated Bleach

If you want to pull out the big guns for a truly desperate case of grout grime, oxygenated bleach is a good choice. This should also be a safe choice for natural stone tile. Oxygenated bleach comes as a powder, so you may want to wear a mask while working with it.

Mix two tablespoons of oxygenated bleach into two cups of water and pour the solution onto the grout. Use a toothbrush to scrub the grout, dipping the toothbrush directly into the bleach powder to attack tougher stains. Only clean one area of the floor at a time, and make sure to mop thoroughly after you’re finished.

More Hacks to Clean Grout

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