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The Down and Dirty on What Lives In Your Mattress (And Why You Need To Clean It)


ocoee-mattress-cleaningThe Down and Dirty on What Lives In Your Mattress (And Why You Need To Clean It)

Experts estimate we put a half liter of sweat and a gram of dead skin into our mattresses each night. And, though we don’t need it anyway, our cast-off triggers a disgusting ecosystem.

There are plenty of critters that fit in tiny pockets of memory foam and spaces between springs. These bedmates can go without food and water while breeding families in the millions.

Most mattresses last eight years or more but we need to maintain them.

Here’s the dirt on why you need to clean up the pestilence.

Dust Mites-What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Dust mites are invisible to the human eye at less than a millimeter long. Their tininess works in their favor. They can move through sheets, pillowcases, and the thickest of foam.

They get inside your house from clothes or hitch a ride on one of your pets. The 8-legged creatures feed on dead skin and absorb the water they need from the humidity we create as we sleep. It takes only one female to get the party going.

They don’t live forever, so their miniature carcasses build up over time. This causes odor, and for some, breathing problems. Those without a healthy immune system or asthma can suffer. Washing your bedding in hot water every week will keep them at bay.

But, you can’t throw the mattress in the washer. So, professional mattress cleaning will kill off any mites and their stinkiness.

Where are All The Bed Bugs Coming From?

More than two-thirds of pest control business deals with bed bug infestation. It’s common in dorms, hotels, and assisted living centers. Bedbugs arrive through luggage they use as a personal uber. It’s vital to catch them early before an infestation.

Their excrement leaves brown and black stains on bedding, mattresses, and walls. Since they feed at night (on your blood), you’ll not see them during the day.

They like box springs but can hide in cracked bed frames and headboards. Reactions to bed bug bites range from minimal itching to anaphylaxis shock.

The more massive the infestation, the harder (and more costly) it is to get rid of them. For multi-family units, an outbreak will spread quick.

These little guys will travel up 25 feet in search of human hosts. (EW) As with dust mites, it’s high heat that kills them. A thorough mattress cleaning can stop their midnight vampire work.

Do this before you need to pitch everything and buy it all over again.

Don’t Have Nightmares Over The Need To Clean Your Dirty Mattress

There’s a lot that can happen between you and your mattress. But, there’s no reason to lose sleep over it.

Our professional mattress cleaning service will freshen it up so you can rest easy. Check out our blog for more information, or contact us here.

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