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How Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Save Your Business Money?

commercial carpet cleaning

Thinking about bringing a professional carpet cleaning company into your business?

You’re probably on the right track in your thinking! The cleanliness of your business is an important part of the customer experience.

If the added expense of professional cleaning makes you uneasy, fear not! Read on to learn how commercial carpet cleaning will actually save your business money!

Look Your Best

Whether you work with patrons at your store or clients in your office, the lifeblood of your business is your customer base.

Stained and dirty carpets give off the appearance of a careless work environment, and will likely turn off current and potential customers.

You don’t want to lose out on business (and money) due to an issue that can be easily fixed through professional carpet cleaning.

HR Considerations

Hiring an in-house cleaner is an expensive endeavor.

From advertising the job listing to training, wages, and benefits, having an employee on the clock can add up in expenses.

Hiring a commercial floor cleaning company can help you avoid the unnecessary cost of adding on an in-house team.

You can also save by working with a company that offers special pricing coupons, discounts, and deals.

Save on Supplies

Speaking of hiring an in-house cleaning team, human resources are not the only financial element of handling carpet cleaning in-house.

Cleaning supplies and materials are not a one-time expense. Carpet cleaning machines are expensive and require regular maintenance.

You have to carefully choose the correct cleaning chemicals for your carpets and replenish them regularly.

A professional carpet cleaning company will have the right equipment and cleaners to ensure that the job is done right the first time and won’t cost a fortune.

Free Up Your Time

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or manage a team of 50 employees, your time is valuable. You know the old saying, time is money!

If you’re spending time cleaning the office carpets, you’ll lose out on important time spent growing the business.

If you have an employee cleaning the carpet a few times each week, their productivity on higher level tasks will be cut down.

Prevent Wear and Damage

Replacing carpet and flooring can be costly for businesses, with the average carpet replacement costing nearly $1,000.

Regular cleaning and carpet restoration can extend the life of your workplace carpets. That way, you don’t have to pay out unnecessary expenses for a replacement.

It’s also worth mentioning that DIY carpet cleaning can actually cause more damage to your floor through improper techniques and materials.

Ready for Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Now you understand how investing in the appearance of your business through commercial carpet cleaning can save you money.

Have you talked with your team about the state of your storefront or office? Are your carpets needing a makeover? Let us know in the comments!

Ready to bring in a team of professional carpet cleaners? Contact us and we can help make your office shine!