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Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning: Which Is Best?

dry carpet cleaning vs steam cleaning

If you have carpet in your home, you will periodically have it cleaned either by yourself or by the professionals.

Carpeting is one of the most expensive investments you make in your home. Choosing the safest cleaning method should be a priority for you.

You are probably familiar with steam cleaning but did you know there are two main methods to choose from: steam cleaning and dry shampoo? Which one should you choose? Let’s compare dry carpet cleaning vs steam cleaning and see which is best for your carpets.

Steam Cleaning

When you first think of carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning may be the first thing that comes to mind. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, uses hot water to clean the carpets. The machine sprays detergent on the carpet and the detergent is activated by hot water. This is followed by a wet vac sucking up the water and being moved back and forth slowly and systematically over the carpet.

You can either steam clean your carpets yourself or hire a professional to come into your home. After carpets are cleaned, you need to stay off of them for 12-24 hours until they are completely dry. Ground-in stains typically reappear a few days after cleaning. Some stains, like chemical and pet stains, require several treatments.

When steam cleaning, there is the possibility of damaging the carpet. The high heat can damage carpet fibers. You also risk mildew and dry rotting from the excessive amount of water that is used during the treatment.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Another option to cleaning your carpets is to have them dry cleaned.

What does a dry carpet cleaner do? When it comes to dry cleaning carpeting, a dry shampoo is applied and brushed into the carpet. The dry shampoo absorbs the dirt and then a powerful suction pulls up dirt from the carpet. This method, also referred to as a low moisture soil extraction system, effectively cleans carpeting and since it uses little water, carpets are dry within 1-2 hours.

Dry carpet cleaning is able to get deep down dirt without soaking the carpets or leaving a residue behind. It also removes tough stains. When you go this route, you don’t have to worry about mildew, browning, or dry rotting that can be associated with steam cleaning. Dry cleaning removes dust mites and most allergens.

Dry Carpet Cleaning vs Steam Cleaning

When comparing dry carpet cleaning vs steam cleaning methods, what is the best carpet cleaning method? The choice is yours. If you want to protect your carpet from mildew and browning that’s caused by traditional steam clean carpet cleaners, consider giving dry carpet cleaning a shot.

Are you ready to book a dry carpet cleaning service? Contact us today and book online for your no obligation estimate and let us get your carpets clean.