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Carpet Steam Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Carpet Steam Cleaning: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Is your floor in desperate need of a carpet steam cleaning? Should you tackle the project yourself or hire outside help? We explore both options here.

Carpet may look and feel good underfoot but unless it’s kept spotlessly clean it can become a breeding ground for numerous bacteria and allergens.

Besides, cleaning your carpet regularly will ensure that it always looks good and lasts longer.

Here are your options when it comes to carpet steam cleaning.

The Pros and Cons of DIY

Cost is the major reason why homeowners decide to DIY their carpet cleaning. It’s also the only real (perceived) benefit to tackling this task on your own.

When you decide to set about steam cleaning carpet yourself, there are two options available to you:

  • Purchasing a carpet steam cleaner
  • Hiring the equipment at an hourly or daily rate

Unfortunately, most of the machines available to hire or buy, are far inferior to the ones used by professional carpet cleaning companies.

They do not heat the water to a high enough temperature for optimum cleaning and can overwet your carpet. This means a longer drying time and a higher likelihood of destroying your carpet.

It can be difficult figuring out how to operate these machines properly too. You need to be sure that you use the right detergent at the correct strength and that the water is at the right temperature.

As long as you work carefully and avoid the pitfalls, you won’t end up with the expense of having to replace your carpet. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the risk and spend the time involved in DIY carpet care.

Carpet Steam Cleaning by the Pros

The carpet cleaning industry in the US is on the rise for good reason. If you get a reputable carpet cleaning company for your business or home, you’ll soon see the benefits of professional carpet cleaning.

The specialized detergents used by the professionals will eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. You won’t find these formulas on the supermarket shelves.

Likewise, the equipment they use is about 10 times more powerful than those available to hire or buy.

With these tools at their disposal, a professional carpet steam cleaner can clean your carpet about 85% quicker than you can.

Experience counts when caring for your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners will use the latest technology to ensure that your carpet comes out spic and span.

They know how to steam clean carpet using methods to suit the type of carpet and can remove stubborn stains without causing damage or fading.

How to Save on the Costs of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpet yourself is false economy. Don’t put off hiring a professional because of costs. There are ways to reduce the price tag.

You can ask that the carpet cleaning company focus only on high traffic areas, or avoid the areas of your carpet that are out of sight. Alternatively, you can ask them to clean one room at a time, spreading the expense over several months, but just remember a lot of companies have minimums that they charge just to come out and clean one room.

Contact us first for a customized estimate of the costs involved in your carpet steam cleaning, and to discuss a plan for your home. You may be pleasantly surprised.  Residential Carpet Cleaning Ocoee