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Carpet Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Carpet Pet Odor and Stain Removal in Orlando

If you own pets that live in your home and are allowed to be on your carpets, then you probably already know that you need to be professionally cleaning your carpet at least a couple times a year.  Using our carpet cleaning service will help with dealing with any unwanted odor that your family pet leaves on the carpeting.  The way we approach pet odor is basically your pets “indoor business” is our business.  We have seen it all.  For example….like the one time that the family dog “Toby” (Doggy name has been changed to protect the innocent) ate a box of  magic markers and dragged his whimsical bottom all over our customers living room floor only to leave behind a fluorescent rainbow stain-trail all over the place? The good news is ….we know how to get that tough pet stain spot out.  

We also provide an unbeatable urine odor removal process that offers a superior deep clean that will impress you, however, pet odor and pet stain removal is a tricky business.  Our lovable fury friends can at times cause long lasting damage to your carpet and underlying floor. At Orange County Drymaster we are upfront and honest about what we can get out and what we can not.  It is best to have one of our trained technicians come on site to review your pet odor or pet stain situation and offer up the best solution for you.  Generally speaking we are very successful at removing physical stains.  However, in situations where your pet has made stains that have penetrated the carpet fibers and carpet pad, we may need to be realistic about how we can best clean your carpet.   Simple cleanup cannot totally eliminate this odor. Hence, you need an extra level of cleanup to eradicate this. ​


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Additional Comments

by Alexandra Smyth on Orange County Drymaster

Walli was extremely professional, polite, and helpful! He did an amazing job with the 2 carpets in my apartment. The smell/dirt/pet stains are completely gone. The smell is also still fantastic as well! Lastly, I had brought up how my fiancé has bad allergies, which is why I initially called in for the service. He quickly took a look at my apartment’s air filter (which I had not checked upon moving in), and called out how bad it was. Had it not been for Walli, we 100% would have continued to have a super old/gross air filter. He recommended I go to Home Depot, which had plenty in stock. Cannot recommend Walli and the company enough! Certainly will be using him again in the future.