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Carpet Maintenance Tips: How to Protect Carpet from Pets In Orlando

protect carpet from pets

It’s happened to us all. Our new puppy or old dog takes a squat on the carpet before we can quickly get them outside. So, how can you protect carpet from pets when the unthinkable happens?

Here’s a helpful list of tips for pet owners who want to keep their carpet looking and smelling great.

How to Protect Your Carpet From Pets

The truth is, accidents happen. They always will. Stay ahead of the game by being prepared. Follow these great tips to keep your carpet fresh and clean, even when those accidents happen.

Choose the Right Carpet From the Start

If you still have a choice, make sure you choose the right carpet for pets. Look for something like this carpet by Mohawk. It advertises extreme liquid repellant properties, comes with a stain guard, superior construction and even a warranty.

Even though these carpets tend to cost a little more, they can save you money in maintenance over time. Do your research and invest in a carpet that will stand up to your pet over a lifetime of use.

Clean Your Pet’s Paws

If you live in a rainy or dirty environment, wiping your dog’s paws is a must. Though, this is a beneficial practice for any pet, even in dry environments.

Start by training your dog to stop on a rug just inside the door and wait. Then, use a wet paper towel or moist wipes that are safe for pet use to wipe down each paw pad.

Reward your pet for a good job. If you do, he’ll do it right every time!

Use Area Rugs

Dogs and cats love to lay on area rugs! Area rugs can help pick up lingering dirt from paws and fur, and they are great for collecting pet fur during shedding season.

These rugs are easier to treat and maintain than your carpet, so let them do some of the work. They are also easier and less expensive to replace if a major accident does happen.

Vacuum Frequently

Dirt comes into our homes from shoes and yes, paws, every day. It’s there, even if we can’t see it.

Dirt from pet traffic can get pushed down into the fibers of your carpet. It can cause stains to develop over time and is much harder to get out once you can see it. Protect against ground in dirt by vacuuming frequently.

Use Baking Soda for Odors

You’ll still need to get your carpets cleaned, but at least you will eliminate the odors! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use baking soda to remove odors in your carpet.

Clean Carpets Regularly

The best way to keep your carpets from looking old and worn over time is to clean them on a regular schedule. Any lingering dirt or urine will be cleaned up during a carpet cleaning. Regular cleanings keep stains from building up over ground in dirt and urine.

Call your carpet cleaner at least yearly to keep a clean and fresh smelling carpet in your home.

Need a Good Carpet Cleaner?

Remember, these tips are meant to help keep your carpets fresh and clean between carpet cleanings. You will still need to have them cleaned regularly to remove lingering dirt and urine.

If you live in the Orlando area, you can book us online for your next carpet cleaning job.

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