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7 Holiday Ocoee FL Carpet Cleaning Tips


7 Holiday Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Shine This Holiday Season

7 Holiday Cleaning Tips to Make Your House Shine This Holiday Season

Making sure your home is clean for your family and friends is a daunting task. Here are 7 holiday cleaning tips that will make your house shine this season.

You’re still not entirely sure what possessed you to do it, but you’ve agreed to host a holiday party this year.

Now, you’re just in a fit of anxiety over the state of your house or apartment.

Take a deep breath. Holiday cleaning doesn’t have to kill the holiday spirit. Here are seven tips to make your holiday house cleaning a bit easier.

1. Use a Visitor’s Eye

Before you do anything else, take a walk through your entire house with a visitor’s eye. Or, if you prefer, a mother-in-law’s eye. Whatever motivates you the most.

The goal here is to take note of small imperfections that you’re used to overlooking but guests will definitely notice.

For example, houseplants with dead leaves. The bit of dust on your bookshelves. The candles that are past their prime. The toys scattered around the living room. The mail slowly taking over your kitchen table.

As you walk around, carry a pen and paper. Make a list of the little things that need to be fixed, as well as larger cleaning projects. This will help you get a handle on what needs to be done before you begin so that you can check things off as you go.

2. Focus on the Kitchen

Maybe you’re making more holiday cookies than you’ve ever made in your life because you will master Grandma’s snickerdoodle recipe this year. Maybe you’re making finger food for your holiday party menu.

Maybe you’re Jewish and you’re reveling in the fried food goodness of Hannukah before you break out Chinese food on December 25th.

Either way, your kitchen sees a ton of traffic from November to early January, whether it’s foot traffic (holiday party) or food traffic (you, your mom, pot roast, 15 visiting relatives, etc.)

Your kitchen needs to be functional, but it also needs to look good. The easiest way to tackle this is to clean as you go to avoid pileups. Go after any lingering grease on your stove, chop up a lemon to toss down the garbage disposal, and don’t forget to dust your light fixtures.

3. Don’t Neglect the Loo

Before you can ask: yes, your guests will look.

Your bathroom is also one of the easiest places for odors to congregate, which tends to kill the festive mood.

With that in mind, take out your party stress on your bathroom and go all in for a deep clean. We’re talking grout, tile, shower, toilet, mirrors, faucets, sinks, the whole nine yards. Even the medicine cabinet (yes, people will look).

We’re not saying you should be able to eat off the floor, but it should be sparkly enough that it gives your mother-in-law pause.

4. Keep Cleaning Products Close

A good rule of thumb for managing the holidays (and the many messes that come with them) is to clean as you go.

For this, you should keep cleaning products close at hand.

This will make it easy to clean up after yourself as you complete various tasks since you won’t need to motivate yourself to go to the cupboard and pull out the Windex and Greased Lightning.

It only takes a minute or two, and it drastically reduces the amount of work you’ll have to do later on.

5. Bring in the Family

Before the family rolls in for the holidays, bring in the family to help clean for Christmas.

Once you have your cleaning list, sit down the whole family, split up chores among everyone, and set hard deadlines for when you need various tasks completed. You might get some complaining (especially if you have teenagers) but remember: more hands make the work go faster.

And when you’ve got about five million other tasks to worry about, a few extra hands make your life far easier.

If you have little kids, you can turn it into a game–if you pick up your toys, then X. Or you can just remind them that Santa’s watching (it works from Thanksgiving on). Make holiday cleaning as much a part of the holiday spirit as cookies and tinsel.

6. Put Things Away as You Use Them

In the spirit of cleaning things as you go, make a concerted effort to put things away as you use them.

Tis the season of crafts, baking, and wrapping, which means you’re going to accumulate a lot of clutter even as you clean your house in preparation for a party or incoming relatives.

You can help minimize the mess if you put things away as soon as you’re done using them. It won’t take long, and you’d be surprised how much faster cleanup is if you make an ongoing effort to contain the mess.

7. Avoid the Winter Boot Mess

Finally, if you live in a cold area, there’s one thing that’s just as much a part of the holidays as the tree and relatives and carols on the radio: a wet, muddy heap of winter boots.

It’s bad enough if you’re going in and out of your house trying not to bring the winter wonderland indoors. If you have guests coming over, you could well be dealing with puddles, which, aside from freezing your feet, will then track snow and mud all over your clean house.

Instead, avoid a holiday fiasco. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow (or even a lot of sleet or rain) ask your guests to take off their boots before they come indoors. If there’s snow, place the boots in plastic grocery bags (one per person) before placing them on your welcome mat.

This will help contain the winter spillover as snow melts off of boots, and it keeps your foyer presentable.

Need Some Holiday Cleaning?

There’s one aspect of holiday cleaning we haven’t talked about yet: your carpet.

Most of the time, you don’t notice it. Then, suddenly, your relatives or work friends are coming over and you can see every spot on the carpet where your pet had an accident or your kids brought in the great outdoors.

Sometimes, it’s worth making your life a little easier. That’s where we come in.

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