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5 Tips to Keep White Upholstered Dining Chairs Nice and Clean

white upholstered dining chairs

We all have those dreams of a beautiful dining room set with elegant white upholstered dining chairs. It seems to be, however, that many people have a fear of keeping it clean.

On top of that, covering the chairs with plastic covers kind of defeats the whole purpose of having the chairs in the first place. The covers are very uncomfortable and sticky to sit on.

For most people, it is out of the question if they have children who seem to vandalize any upholstery they see with spaghetti, crayons and anything they can get their sticky hands onto. Pets are another problem altogether.

The problem is, how can we have beautiful white upholstered dining chairs and keep them clean, without the need of plastic covers?

That’s exactly what we are about to cover. Keep reading and learn how you can keep your white upholstered dining chairs elegant and clean at the same time!

Start With A Vacuum

Dust and other particles cling to the chair that is hard for our eyes to see. When you start vacuuming, you reduce the chance of rubbing those particles into the upholstery, making the stains worse, or ruining the fabric.

A nice light vacuum with a special attachment for upholstery will do wonders in removing dust and other particles.

Have a Regular Cleaning Schedule

If you stay on top of stains, there is very little chance that they sink in and become permanent. Regular cleaning gives you a chance to give the love and TLC to your much appreciated white upholstered dining chairs.

Create Your Own Cleaning Product

Making your own upholstery cleaner is easy. Mix 1 part laundry detergent and 4 parts lukewarm water and test on a hidden spot on the chair. Wait until it dries, then watch the magic unfold before your eyes!

This homemade product is best applied with a sponge for easy application.

Get a Steam Cleaner

Your upholstery will thank you later. Grab a steam cleaner with the microfiber cloth attachment. Then run the cleaner over the dining chairs in a grid-like movement. If there are any further stains, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. (be sure to spot check this material first)

Use a Stain Guard

You can buy a stain guard at any local furniture or hardware store. You will be glad you did as this can help prevent future stains.

Nothing worse than spending multiple hours on cleaning your upholstery and having a new stain appear the next day!

Now You Can Go Get Those Elegant White Upholstered Dining Chairs!

Now that you know how to keep your elegant white upholstered dining chairs clean, you should have no inhibitions about finding some to complete your dream dining room design.

Want other cleaning tips? Learn how to remove pet odors and more, here on our blog.

If you live in and around the Orange County, Seminole County, or Osceola County area, feel free to contact us for your cleaning services, today.